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We begin by carrying out research and gathering your business details to create a better understanding of where you are now. Our mobile App developers are part of the process from the word go so they get a complete overview and understanding of you as a company. Project’s design stage will yield unique intuitive solutions that focus on flexibility, user stability, and wireless capabilities.

Testing Android Application

Once your mobile application has been fully built, the quality assurance and testing team work to ensure that it’s not only meeting its user requirements but is working as intended. They’ll run tests in order to find glitches, bugs, errors or issues with performance (with regards specifically to Android apps) and then fix them so that your application functions properly. If you have an app ready for release and it’s still having some issues along the way, we can assess it and identify where any problems may be located. We can then go on to fix them so they cease to exist!

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Android Apps Viability

One of the greatest ways to create a business model so that it is established beyond only local users is by hiring an app development team. Studies in the mobile software industry have shown that Android has enjoyed the highest market share at 72.18% (100/145) as of 2019, compared to iOS’ 26.96%. Google Play Store gross revenue for 2020 was estimated to be $39 Billion and provides an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to grow their business on a global scale because this platform is available in over 190 countries across the globe.

The future of Android app development is more than just about creating another cool looking application. There are so many new product opportunities beyond that, such as wearable devices and Smart TVs. These new technologies will just change the game and make it possible to create applications that have never been thought up before. The true possibilities have only barely begun to be tapped into, but innovation has made it possible for the creation of personalized experiences by delivering more relevant content directly to consumers when they need it most wherever they may be – which means better exposure for businesses everywhere!…

How Codionix Can Create More Powerful App for Your Business

Here at Codionix, we keep pushing ourselves to the limits when it comes to delivering high-quality mobile app development services in the United States. Our end-to-end mobile app development solutions enable businesses ranging from different industries i.e., SMEs, Startups, and Enterprise organizations to pivot to a whole new level, unleash their business’s potential and unlock new opportunities and revenue streams through custom Android app development.

Our Android app experts are digging deep into the space of Android i.e., wearable devices, but rest assured we’re not doing this only to engage you – there’s another technological leap on the horizon and we want to be a part of your app development process. Today businesses are harnessing the power of mobile apps to do more than just engage customers – they’re using mobile apps for innovative marketing, personalization, data collection and perhaps most importantly scaling their businesses in a target market through flexible tools that allow them to scale as needed.

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Exceptional Native & Cross-Platform App Development Services That Build’s Custom Apps

Codionix is a leading mobile app development company that offers comprehensive mobile app development services to create exceptional native and crossplatform apps. We offer a complete range of mobile app development services from ideation, UI/UX design, development, QA & testing, to app deployment and support.

Our award-winning team of 150+ mobile app developers has delivered 2000+ mobile app development projects for startups, small businesses, and enterprises across various industries. We leverage the latest app development technologies and tools to deliver cutting-edge mobile apps that meet your business needs.

We use ReactJS for hybrid app development and Java for native android app development. Some of the other technologies we use include HTML 5, CSS3, and Webpack for a number of things including creating chatbots and online forms. For example, our website was created using these specific technologies that allow us to present content in as many ways as possible so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. These end up working very well because we have people come to our website for news updates about the technology sector such as information about the latest innovations in a certain field of interest or entertainment news about actors or actresses who starred in some recent movie or TV series you may have heard about. And it just wouldn’t be possible without cutting-edge technology like ours!

Custom Android App

Codionix Android app developers use a cutting-edge approach to design, build and develop Android Apps, including analysis of the corporate requirements, feel & design, functionality and user-experience.

iOS App Development

iOS App Developers like to utilize a comprehensive approach to app development taking into consideration analysis of the business requirements, design look and feel, user experience and app functionality.

Wearable App Development

Rapid technological advancement means that businesses are now required to rethink strategies. New tools and software have led to new development paradigms, one of which involves the creation of mobile applications with focus on wearable devices.

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Hire The Android App Developers That Offer Unmatched Value

Creating a Brand Identity

We’ll create a mobile App that is unique, which can help you stand out. You’ll then able to attract more customers and generate more revenue for your business.

Unmatched Experience

Our Android and iOS app developers also offer unmatched services. We’ll provide complete support to you and help you with the development of your app. We can also help you with the marketing, ASO and monetization of your app.

Minimal Yet Impactful Design

Mobile app developers also create a minimal yet impactful design. This will give you a better exposure of your brand identity, attract more customers and generate more revenue. 

Affordable rates

We care for your pocket and investment, and subsequently, offer you discounts on the development and marketing of your app. The best opportunity to gain more in less money. 

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Now penetrating into the global market across all continents.

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